You can be banned for a number of reasons. However most bans will be given for either cheating or breaking any community rules. If you believe you were falsely banned, you can open a support ticket here. Bans given by GUARDIAN, our anti-cheat, will not be reversed except for very specific circumstances.

VIQUITY has it's own ranking system that gives levels to players. You level up by obtaining ELO which you get for doing actions in-game (i.e defusing, getting kills, etc). You can also lose ELO by dying or losing the round in some game modes.

Platinum subscriptions are a great way to support VIQUITY and keep our servers running! You get some additional features by subscribing: 

  • Reserved slot
  • In-game recognition - PLATINUM tag
  • Early access to new servers and projects
  • Change Skybox*
  • Platinum Discord Role and Channels
  • Ping Kick Immunity
  • Access to Collections - Tired of picking out every skin? Use Collections for premade skin combos that look great!

You can purchase a subscription on our Tebex store - https://vcs.gg/store

*Doesn't work on every map due to how some were made.