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Feature 01

128 Tick

All of our servers run at 128 Tick. This means that hit registration is better, movement is smoother, and it gives you an experience that matches competitive leagues.

Feature 02

Server Ranks

Our servers feature an ELO system that gives you points based on how you perform in-game. With 16 ranks in total, we foster a semi-competitive environment where players try to reach the top.

Feature 03

Weapon Skins

All of our servers support skins and gloves so you can always frag in style. Your selections are synced across servers so you don't have to pick them again.

Feature 04


Our servers feature the best anti-cheat available to CS:GO community servers. We even have a feature that makes wallhacks less effective.

Feature 05

Multiple Regions

We have servers located throughout North America. We plan to add even more servers in the future including locations in Europe.

Feature 06

10 Man Platform

We host 10 Mans in our Discord server with an automated queue bot and server system. To learn more click here.

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  • Reserved Slot
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  • Early Access to New Servers and Projects
  • Platinum Discord Role and Channel Access
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