We want to make sure everyone that participates in our PUGs has a great time. In order to make sure this is possible we have put rules in place that players must follow. Failure to do so may result in players being banned from future games.‌

In-Game Rules

  • Be respectful to all players.
  • Do not use racial slurs, hate speech, or other defamatory statements.
  • Play the objective. Do not throw, bait, force-buy every round, etc.
  • Cheating of any kind is prohibited. This includes macros/hyperscrolling, game exploits/bugs, stream sniping, or using any third-party software in order to gain an advantage against other players.
  • Do not DDoS players, the server, or threaten to do so. You will be permanently banned.
  • Do not dox any individual on our servers. You will be permanently banned.
  • Do not abuse pauses or other in-game features.

Leaving the game will result in future PUG bans. Lengths will increase with each subsequent leave.

Queue Rules

  • Players who queue but do not join the game/ready up will be temporarily banned.
  • Attempting to or successfully exploiting the queue bot will result in a ban.
  • Pinging roles such as @here/@everyone to get players will result in a ban.

Technical Issues and Pauses

  • Teams will be given 10 minutes worth of pause time per game. This can be used to fix technical issues or go over a strat.
  • If the server is having performance issues such as choke/loss for most players, high SV/Variance values, etc. you are able to request that a match be cancelled as long as it’s before 10 rounds have been played. If more than 10 rounds have been played, the match will not be cancelled.
  • If a player abandons a match before 5 rounds have passed, you may request a cancellation by calling an admin.

Match Configuration‌

Matches are created using the official CS:GO major ruleset with some modifications.‌

  • Team damage is disabled.
  • Overtime is enabled, MR3 $10,000.
  • Beginning round freeze time is 12 seconds.
  • Players can only choose their skins while dead/at the beginning of the round.

‌Reporting Players + Dealing with Cheating‌

We understand that some players decide to negatively affect the game for everyone. If you are having an issue with a player breaking the rules you can type /report in chat and follow the prompts in the menu. If available, an admin will join the server and observe/correct the situation. If an admin was unable to join, create a support ticket in the #create-a-ticket channel with your Match ID and explain the issue on Discord. We will review the demo and take the necessary steps to fix the issue. If it is deemed that a player was negatively impacting the game, the match will be reported as a draw and they will be punished accordingly.