Viquity 10 Mans / PUGs

The Community Rules apply in all Viquity servers. There are additional rules for PUG/10-Man matches.

We're glad you're interested in Viquity 10 Mans! Here's some of the great features our games have:

  • Automated Queue - Just join the voice channel and once 10 players are reached the match process will start.
  • Weapon Skins and Knives - These sync from our other servers so no need to pick again!
  • Ranking System - Track your wins, kills, and overall rating on the PUG Site.
  • Community - Many of the people who play are regulars on Viquity! Meet new people and have a great time in a casual but competitive environment.
  • How to Play

    • In order to play you'll need to link your Steam account with your Discord. You can click here to join our Discord server and link your account.
    • Once completed you can queue up in the Lobby voice channel in Discord. Once 10 players are reached the map veto will begin!

    You have 5 minutes to join the server before the match gets cancelled. Failing to join the match may result in a temporary ban from all Viquity servers.

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