First I just want to thank everyone for an amazing year! At the start of the year we expanded our server count and our player base increased substantially. Due to COVID we did end up having to close some servers but we are still going strong and I have some great things planned for 2021.

Today we’re bringing a large update to our servers and this will get you all caught up!

Level Updates

We have decided to lower the amount of available ranks and increase the required ELO to obtain them. There are now 11 ranks in total, Levels 1-10 and then Ruby which is the highest rank available. We will continue to monitor feedback and other statistics to determine if the rank balance needs to be adjusted.

Level Icons

You heard that right, we got level icons working now! Instead of having your level in front of your name it will now be displayed on the scoreboard. Quickly check who you’re playing up against and for those who reach Ruby show off your sweet level icon!


I don’t want to go too in-depth about the changes made to the anti-cheat but I can show you a sneak peek of one of it’s new features. Anti-Wallhack, this will make wallhacking a lot less useful for those who try to cheat. The GIF below will show you what it does. As you can see the cheat doesn’t detect my player model until I’m about to peek, without our anti-cheat my player model would have been visible at the start of double doors.

That’s all I have for you today in this update. Here’s to hoping that 2021 is a better year for all of us 🙂