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Why play on VIQUITY?

We take pride in the servers we offer to the community. All of our servers run on dedicated hardware and are tuned for ultimate performance.

128 Tick

All of our servers run at 128 Tick. This gives you an experience that matches competitive leagues.

Rank System

Our servers feature an ELO system with 10 ranks in total. We foster a semi-competitive environment where players try to reach the top.

Weapon Skins

All our servers provide weapon skins, knives, and gloves so you can get kills in style. Your selections are synced across our servers so you don't have to pick them again.

Custom Anti-Cheat

Our servers have GUARDIAN, our custom anti-cheat that can catch cheaters within minutes of joining.

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North American gaming community with CS:GO Retake, Deathmatch, and PUG servers. Founded in 2017, VIQUITY.PRO has experience in running servers and building a community. Invite your friends!


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